Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Day Two in the Life.

I would try to think up something interesting to engage with for your entertainment, but I have end-of-term malaise (boring stuff to do and the promise of free time that needs to be filled with research and writing and requires actual thought- combining to make brain mush). What I got up to today (so far).

8-10 Went to gym (I didn't spend all two hours working out- this includes travel).
10-11.15 had breakfast, did some housework, checked and answered emails.
11.15-12 Commuted to work (read essays).
12-3.45 Marked essays-yeah they’re all done forever (ok until next year or if we have late submissions). Adminy things like pay claims and travel expenses.
4.15-4.30ish Writing my blog and checking out the interwebs.

This evening I have an art class near my work (6-9pm). In between, then and now I plan to read over the chapter I am tweaking and make edits. After 9pm, it’s anybody’s guess, but it will involve a commute home (during which no marking to read- devastating).

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