Friday, 29 August 2008

I'm Back!

Back online after a month! BT has a lot to answer for. I mean, I must have lost a stone through being forced to things other than sit online. On the other hand, it seems I find it very hard to work without the internet to tie me to my laptop. So what’s happened on this rainy, rainy month? Well, I have learned through avid watching of the Olympic Games that communism is always bad and unnatural (unlike capitalism); that television pundits agree that its racist to try to talk English in a ‘Chinese’ accent, but that to condemn a country’s entire political system and culture with a sweep of the hand is perfectly acceptable; that (because communism is bad) it is perfectly fine to report the Russia/ Georgia conflict in terms of ‘evil Russia’ and ‘innocent, weak Georgia’; and what is saddest of all is that we seem to have forgotten that economic systems are human creations not natural entities and thus can be debated and discussed.

After watching Dispatches on Channel 4 the other night, I also know that even documentary makers seem to lack any sense of how the economy works. In ‘The Bank Never Loses’, I discovered that ‘irresponsible and careless’ bank CEOs are having their mistakes shored up by our taxes, with the implication that if the banks can’t run themselves effectively, they should go bust. Making me think that the documentary makers obviously have no concept of how devastating it is to an economy if a bank goes bust, because it isn’t just one business, but the savings, mortgages, and loans of hundreds of individuals and business that lose out! Seriously, think about it (television) people.

What else? Oh, yeah (I am sure this is being said elsewhere in the blogosphere, but I ain’t been online), how offensive is Kate Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’? On the other hand, I am quite enjoying Ida Maria’s ‘I like you so much better when your naked’.

Ok, hopefully, I will get back to some regularly scheduled posting after I have caught up on all my reading!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Busy, Busy.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but the whole moving house and packing and changing utilities and getting a letting agent to rent my house and buying new furniture and a new car (because new house is rural idyll and requires driving), etc, has taken all my time.

And, it gets worse, my new house will not have internet for about a week! So probably no posting!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!