Saturday, 24 May 2008

Canadian Club: Men Only.

Racialicious has a project up critiquing a sexist set of American Canadian Club adverts. In response, she created her own version of the ads and asked readers to send in their versions. Some of the responses are really great. I especially like 'your dad was a real man', portraying an alternative version of masculinity to that portrayed in the adverts.

I also really love the idea of this project, reacting in a creative fashion to the advertising by producing effective alternatives. The adverts created are all really well done and professional looking, highlighting that feminist advertising is effective advertising. I agree with the commentator at Racialicious that if they want to punish Canadian Club, creating new adverts for them doesn't really work. But, I think as a project that shows that there are alternatives to the mysogonistic BS that is frequently created, then it's fab, and as a project that allows feminists to define what it means to be a man or a woman, then it is a really interesting historical project.

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