Monday, 12 May 2008

A Day in the Life.

I have little of interest to write today, because I have been thinking about my academic writing. So, I thought I would take a leaf out of Dr Crazy’s book at Reassigned Time and blog about my working week. So here is the first day in the week of the life of a post-doc at a British institution. For a bit of context, this is the end of term, so I have the dregs of my marking and the like, but no teaching.


7.50-8.45-Commute (during which) Read colleague’s paper.
8.50-11.45 Invigilate exam (during which) finish reading colleague’s paper; mark last of one set of essays; look over one chapter for book. (It’s a small exam- three students)
11.45-1.00 Check and answer emails; business for society in which I am treasurer; write cover sheets for essay; hand back essays to students; begin writing feedback for colleague.
1.00-230 Lunch with another colleague; discuss upcoming collaboration and catch up.
2.30-3.00 Stand in line to register for graduation!!! (Annoyed about the queue but hey!)
3.00-3.30 Meeting with third colleague about her project (on which I have done a bit of work in the past).
3.30-4.00 Quick look around shops with colleague.
4.00-5.00 Commute- read essays .
5.00-6.00 Check emails- finish and email feedback on colleague’s article; look for jobs.
6.00-9.00 Pilates, dinner, read blogs and write this.

I now plan to answer a few work related emails that I haven’t got to yet and then relax. I should finish that marking, but I can't be bothered.

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