Friday, 16 May 2008

Day Five: Friday.

8-930 Swim
930-10 Tidied house; ate breakfast
10-1130 Procrastinated working, by looking at stuff online, a little blogging; checking emails etc. Documents were duly open on desktop to give the appearance of actual working.
1130-2 Fiddled with book proposal (plus sample chapters); wrote cover letter and finally emailed it- it is now gone with all my hopes and dreams to be ripped to shreds by some publisher
2-530 Worked on article, interspersed with web-browsing. Article is now finished; will send tomorrow, I think. I like to give myself pause to realise the massive hole in the argument
530-645 Half wrote job application; got to the hard part where you have to write the supporting statement and gave up (it’s not due in for a week or so)
645-7 Wrote blog.

Am now going to have some dinner and say howdy to the dude I am married to. Maybe watch a film.

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