Thursday, 19 May 2011


Edinburgh's Reclaim the Night Walk has been rescheduled by the council - get this - because it might be dangerous for the marchers!! The march, which is designed to reclaim the streets as safe spaces for women, will walk through an area full of pubs, during the Champions League football final, and the council is worried that the marchers will be in danger from drunken fans.

Instead of making the streets safe for the marchers, the council has asked the march to move their route and time. The organisers have rescheduled an hour earlier, but are refusing to change the route.

What would I have given to have been at that meeting! 'Er, we need you to defeat your own political aims and move the march, because, well, the streets aren't safe for women.' It would be be funny, if it wasn't so terrifyingly sad!


Tea Drinker said...

Wow, way to prove the point for the marchers!

Anonymous said...

Why are you wasting your and other people's time so?Since when has protesting and marching achieved anything except when it was a forgone conclusion?Women feminists are still stuck in a sixties mindset.If you cannot go walking on your own some time of day,some place,because you are scared of what might happen to you,how would it help to go with a crowd,having had to ask permission first.You are thereby re-inforcing the very mindset which you are trying to change.You are stating very clearly,to all and sundry,'we are scared to walk alone,so we have to go in a crowd,and ask permission to go for a walk first as well'.Come on.You female feminists have,almost all of you,your head screwed on the wrong way.This is understandable,considering your his(oops)herstory,but you do not seem to take that into account.It's to do with your thinking and reasoning.Yet,what does it take to get through to you people?It has seemed to me that,especially those who identify with the Left,women cannot be turned on intellectually without being penetrated emotionally/physically.You react emotionally to what you don't like to hear.So you never learn,not even the hard way.If you're a feminist,you're political.That means you have to do philosophy.Many women know about philosophy,or so they think.It actually means love of sophy/wisdom,not the rubbish they do in Academia(I say rubbish, because I can see the result in Western society).It also means finding out how it works-politics,i.e.,religion(meta-archetypal and archetypal hardware/steering mind programs and psychology/political software).Then you have to find out how politics works.You think you know.Well,I know what you have been told all these years.It's obvious.It was not meant to make you wiser.That's how it works.Religion,politics,Academia,mainstream medicine and psychology,economics,socio-political and charitables organisations,it is all meant to make you go around in circles.So start thinking for yourself and for feminism,emancipation/humanism.Also,if you cannot face a man on your own in a dark alleyway,you are pushing dung up a veery long hill.No need to be reckless,but,if you cannot,sensibly,get over your own angst,as most women cannot and will not,that is obvious,again,all your political activism is huffing and puffing against one of the high bens you have in Scotland,looking at it,but walking nowhere.Cheers.(Jacob Jonker).