Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Spot the Difference.

In Sept 2009, a mother has been given a minimum sentence of 33 years for the murder of her two daughters: 'Rekha Kumari-Baker, 41, stabbed 16-year-old Davina 37 times and 13-year-old Jasmine 29 times at their home in Stretham, Cambridgeshire'.

In January 2009, a father was given a minimum sentence of 21 years for the murder of his two sons: 'Ashok Kalyanjee, 46, who stabbed his two young sons- 6 years old Paul Ross and 2 years old Jay Ross to death, was sentenced to at least 21 years in jail.'

In Oct 2008, a father was given a minimum of 17 years for the murder of his two children: 'Robert Thomson, 50, stabbed his 25-year old daughter Michelle, and seven-year old Ryan, 26 times at their former family home in May.'

In Oct 2008, a father, James Howson, was given 22 years for murdering his 16 month old daughter by snapping her spine.

In 2001, a father, Darren Jenkinson, was given a minimum of 15 years for murdering his two infant sons, by smothering them.


Anonymous said...

Why did she get 33 and those men get fuck-all by comparison?

Ergh >.<

Feminist Avatar said...

Seriously. I could have done a rant on double standards but I think the numbers say it all.

mcol said...

Perhaps the fact that the woman repeatedly stabbed her children factored into the sentencing and resulted in the longer sentence.

Feminist Avatar said...

But compare the amount of time she stabbed her children to the amount of times Robert Thompson stabbed his. In fact, if you compare those two cases and read what the judge said about the criminal's motivations and behaviour they were virtually identical cases.

Anonymous said...

Eh? No matter how many times they were stabbed, they were still dead. But compare the publicity the case of Baker got (acres of newsprint) with the others.

A similar thing has just happened with Vanessa George, the nursey worker who sexually abused young children. A male nursery worker has just been found guilty of the sexual abuse of children of a similar age, and got a paragraph on one of the inside pages in today's Metro, compared to the pages and pages devoted to George.

Feminist Avatar said...

I thought that about the George case too.

Sheena said...

Oh my god, there's a great deal of useful material in this post!