Saturday, 19 July 2008

Away Again.

Sorry for the quiet week, but a combination of technical problems and offline life has kept me off the internet. Let's see, this week I have looked for a new home in new location (and fingers crossed found one- the joys of a new job); looked for a new car (but not found one in budget with eco-friendly stats); celebrated with friends (between the group of us and over a few nights) three new jobs, two submission of thesises, one graduation, and a birthday; in lieu of moving house collected my numerous library books and books lent by friends and took them to work (and/ or distributed them back to owners); photocopied a pile of reading; backed up my entire hard-drive from laptop to allow it to go for repair; fretted about the lack of writing I am doing; cleaned my house; worked my non academic job; went to the gym; visited in-laws to distribute birthday presents (three in the one week!!); possibly arranged some teaching for next year; bought some new clothes that I probably can't afford (yeay for summer sales, including a pair of shorts for my holiday- optimistic much?); went food shopping; packed for next week; ignored the internets.

And for any avid readers, another quiet week to follow as I am once more off on holiday: this time to visit my siblings. I will be away for a week and probably won't get any interneting done. (That reminds me- pack camera!). See you next week.

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