Monday, 19 May 2008

Day Seven: Sunday.

Yesterday was mostly a lazy day, sleeping late, reading some of my book, and writing a blog entry of length and substance. I spent a couple of hours looking up articles for my research in the afternoon.

So, what’s the conclusion after a week of work? 37.5 hours of productive academic working time, not including time where I was trying to work but actually procrastinating. Hey, that means I worked exactly the amount that academics in the UK are contracted for- how cool. This doesn’t include thinking time, like when I plan articles or to do lists in my head at the gym. I think this was fairly typical for a week where I have marking, doing adminy type stuff with just a bit of writing thrown in. If I am researching in archives or having to write something (rather than tweaking), I would work at least twice this many hours- but then that is not every week. I don't think I ever do much less than this.

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