Friday, 16 May 2008

Day Four in the Life.

Thursday. I was tired yesterday, so it wasn’t the most productive of days.

8-10 Gym
10-11 Last bit of housework, breakfast, checked emails.
11-12 Intended to work, opened documents, eyes glazed over, browsed internet, looked for jobs a bit (to make me feel like I was being productive).
12-230 Finally got down to editing the chapters for my book proposal- finished- ready to go in post.
230-5 Intended to work on article, but instead read chapter of colleague’s book. This took longer than it should, probably because I was tired.
530-630 Pilates.
645-8 Dinner and made rhubarb crumble, because rhubarb was on offer at supermarket.
8-900 Wrote up the comments for colleague’s chapter, checked emails.
9 Collapsed in a heap. Had an early night.


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