Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Feminist Veggie to the DEATH Wars

Growing your own veg; the new feminist activism. Because if Twisty can do it, so can I.

Okay, it's only a baby- but I went away on a research trip and came back to this- so proud!

Broccolli too- when do I get to harvest them?

Growing tomatoes outside in Scotland- they might never go red, but they ain't dead!

This is almost as satisfying as blaming the patriarchy, but is good for your stress levels.


Anonymous said...

Strange as it might be to say it, but that cauliflower is cute!

Feminist Avatar said...

Now, we just have to hope its delicious...

Hmm, that sounds kind of predatory.

Historiann said...


I'm hoping the teeny little buds on my brussels sprouts will one day resemble actual brussels sprouts. But I wonder. They're not nearly as developed as your broccoli and cauliflower.


Feminist Avatar said...

I haven't tried growing brussels yet- but my broccolli turned out amazing, bigger than what you get in the shops, and they have off-shoots so we might get some more.

I had two or three good sized caulis- bigger than store bought- and a few smaller ones. And, I still have some in the ground, so fingers crossed.

And my tomatoes have ripened, so I am going to have to learn a preserving technique as there is only so much I can eat at one time!

This growing veg stuff is fun.