Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Not a real post.

Well, congratulations to me, because the BOOK is now finished and with the publisher, so it will probably come out in the next decade- seriously publishing is SLOOOWWW- unless you're JK Rowling.

But, perhaps, I can now get back to some regularly scheduled posting- but not today. I have no inspiration at all right now and there isn't even anything controversial happening on the news (well yes I could go and read the Daily Mail, but that's just shooting fish in a barrel).

One question for y'all in the know- what 'days' should a good feminist historian blogger remember to celebrate? I recall there is a women in science day, but when is it? I know that March is Women's History month and the 8th International Women's Day, that April is Sexual Violence Awareness month, and that in November/December is 16 days against violence against women- which includes both elimination of violence against women day and Human Rights Day. But, other than that, I am having a blank. I suddenly thought it would be good to commemorate these days with posts, but I never seem to know about them until they happen. Thoughts would be gratefully received.


Clio Bluestocking said...

Yea! Happy Snoopy Dance! Now, who is going to play who in the movie version?

I have no suggestions on the day thing because I tend to blank on them myself.

Feminist Avatar said...

Oh yeah, the movie! It would have everything romance, sex, violence- if it wasn't for the feminist analysis it would be a best seller!

Saranga said...

congrats on finishing!

Keely - 16 Days Campaign Coordinator said...

There are also a couple other important days that fall during the 16 Days Campaign - like the Montreal Massacre and International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. If you'd like to read the background of all of the 'international dates' that fall during the campaign, you should check out the "Description of Key Dates" document here: http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu/16days/kit09/kit.html. I'm sure there are many others worth marking outside of the campaign, but since you mentioned it I figured I'd share!

Feminist Avatar said...

Thanks for this.