Sunday, 31 May 2009

What do we want?

Marks and Spencer's Chairman, the boy Sir Stuart Rose, in a rant about how 'you've [women] got more equality than you ever can deal with,' while simultaenously pointing out that 'there are many girls in here who've got two kids who come to work', asks the question: 'What is it you haven't got?'

Well, we don't seem to have men in top positions not patronising us for starters. 'Girls' anyone?

Is it just me or is becoming more and difficult to buy an ethical bra?


Anonymous said...

Well I hate bras anyway. I stick to Sloggi crop tops when absolutely necessary.I have no idea if they're ethical. I may have to grrlcott M&S food though, after this latest bit of complete knobbishness.

Feminist Avatar said...

I hate bras too, but I still wear them when going beyond my front door.

What is it with male tycoons dissing their female employees- like the dude that owns La Senza who said he didn't think employing woman was a good idea, or something of the sort, despite the majority of his employees being female.

Anonymous said...

Well they think that in my workplace too, they just don't say it. Sadly I had to buy some pants from M&S today as they were the only place that had my size. However I believe on the plus side, their production is quite ethical. It's swings and roundabaouts really, unless you buy 100% fair trade stuff, and most of it only goes up to a size 14.

Feminist Avatar said...

Well, I am sitting here in my La Senza bra, so I don't feel too self-righteous.